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Due to size of California's automotive community and the rising interest in the Internet following the Y2K, Palm Springs Desktop realized the need for a separate e-newsletter geared specifically for auto enthusiasts.  Like Palm Springs, Palm Springs Car Events provided an opportunity for automotive museums, car shows and car club members to connect and promote their events by introducing their websites through the Palm Springs Car Events e-newsletter.  

Bernadine Bogdanovs-Naggs


Palm Springs

Bernadine Bogdanovs


Palm Springs 

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

August 2007

2003 - 2011

One year before Facebook was launched, Palm Springs Desktop delivered its first e-newsletter.  Beginning in 2003, subscribers of the Palm Springs e-newsletter received information about events happening in the Palm Springs area; hence the slogan: 

Delivering the Desert to your Desktop.”

A subscription to the Palm Springs e-newsletter was free.  Businesses, however, paid a fee to display their advertising content which contained banners with links that took readers to websites businesses wanted to introduce to a new audience of online shoppers. ​

The non-profit community was also invited to use the services  Palm Springs offered.  Non-profits were eager to interact with this new audience and jumped at the opportunity to post information often at no-cost, provided that their events were free, low-cost, or served to benefit the community.

Palm Springs Desktop set out to provide a way for businesses and non-profit organizations to connect with a  growing community of online shoppers who were discovering the Internet in the early days of the 21st century. Palm Springs Desktop's goal was to encourage its subscribers to explore valley websites,  reminding  people 15 years ago  that they could in fact “shop local” online.

One of the first e-newsletters of its kind in the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs reached 5,000 subscribers before its final e-newsletter was delivered in 2011.